The 2011-12 season marks the 40th anniversary for New York Islanders hockey. And when the Islanders host the Rangers Saturday night at Nassau Coliseum, it will be the 40th season that these New York rivals will have played against each other. 

The Rangers-Islanders rivalry has always been entertaining, and can bring out the best (and worst) of players and fans alike. Although the game is at the Coliseum, there will definitely be a good amount of red, white, and blue present throughout the arena.

Although the Rangers-Islanders matchups haven't had a lot of impact on playoff positioning recently, the rivalry is as intense as the Rangers-Devils or Rangers-Flyers battles. From the Islanders standpoint, each one of their games against the Rangers is a chance to topple the big city Rangers and vie for bragging rights. From the Rangers side, every game with the Islanders is a chance to confirm the notion that they are superior to the kids from the suburbs.

And so, all of the back and forth trash talking and simmering intensity will resume once again. They hate each other, but they love to play against one another.

It's the newest edition of the rivalry, Rangers-Islanders:Year 40